Heels of Glory
Heels of Glory is an original musical with an action adventure plot, preposterous gowns, more double entendres than you could shake your stick at, and tunes that would have graced a vintage Bond movie — if they’d ever got 007 in drag.

Brace yourself for in-your-face cabaret mischief at the most fabulous drag club in the world!

“Beyond fabulous! Gloriously uplifting; best show I’ve seen in ages.”

“A spectacular knock-out musical with lots of great songs, sparkle, humour and glitz! Will inspire, astound and make you laugh out loud.”

—audience members

The show turns the action genre cliché on its head, replacing violent gun culture and gender stereotyping with the inventiveness, bravery and nonconformity of drag. Musical theatre artists perform alongside drag stars, actors work with clowns, jazz musicians perform with cabaret singers, and solo artists are part of an ensemble.

The cast plays a diverse group of LGBTQ+ heroes who offer alternative role models, discovering universal themes of acceptance, courage and identity. They do so with style, creating a glamorous world in which audiences enjoy spending two hours.

Heels has a new script, some new songs, and is ready for a major production.


Arch villainess Allura Supreme (left) is about to execute an evil plan to annihilate every drag queen in the world.

Honey and JayHoney, a young drag queen, and J, her Bond-loving tomboy best friend (right) are all that stand in Allura's way.

Fabulous international drag superstar Splendorella (left) is set to launch Supreme’s deadly new cosmetic at midnight.

Will our heroes be in time to save the drag world?

“A musical mix of James Bond, panto and Eurovision, done incredibly well and with real heart.” “Chaos, humour and ingenious songs carry the story to the surprising but brilliant finale!” —Everything Theatre
“I hate musicals. I LOVED this one!”
—audience member
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