Heels of Glory Audience feedback

Audience reviews for Heels of Glory at the Chelsea Theatre, June 2016

“Beyond fabulous, gloriously uplifting, best show I’ve seen in ages.” —Izi

“This show is fantastic. If you haven’t seen it, go. You will not be disappointed. So interactive and brilliant performances…laughing all the way through.” —Daisy May

“The Heels are alive, with the sound of music. ” —Mr S from Richmond.

“A spectacular knock-out musical with lots of great songs, sparkle, humour and glitz! A multi-talented team will inspire, astound and make you laugh out loud.” —Jackie Mitchell

“The total package – a pantomime for grown ups – hilarious on so many levels, engaging in every way with a truly magnificent cast!!” —Nicki P

“Funny and fun and sparkly. Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and dance in your seat.” —Helen

“I'm gagging on the dresses and the killer heels have slayed me – this show should come with a health and safety warning: MAY CAUSE EXTREME FABULOUSNESS! ” —Rob Beck

“A drag musical you don’t have to drag yourself to, run...it’s a fabulous romp!” —RonnieDavison.com

“Tricity and Richard give a great evening’s entertainment...but don’t expect anything but jolliness. Good humour to be shared and savoured, with a cracking performance from all. WooHoo!” —Diane

“A fabulous and funny evening out!” —Kris Ball

“A drag musical at its very best!” —MC

Audience reviews for Heels of Glory at the Chelsea Theatre, January 2015

“Camp fun, with some fantastic songs, and you leave the theatre uplifted and ready to face down any crap life throws at you.” —Stephen Moore

“Hilarious from start to finish.” —Helen Morrissey

“Drag, undercover, innuendo, intrigue and very thick foundation. Heels of Glory has it all.” —Craig

“This show is fierce! Bring your reading glasses because the library is about to open! Best drag musical I've been to!” —Sophie Dallison

“A supreme sure fire hit!” —Teri Reed

“Brash, ballsy, fun!”

“Splendorella and honey/chicken, sounds like a meal which will satisfy, and this show will definitely satisfy.”

“It passes the six laugh test in the first few minutes, a hugly entertaining night.” —Kristina

“A celebration of gorgeous drag, good over evil and ingenious use of space mixed in with superb music, performance and production makes this a show all should see!” —Richard Street

Heels of Glory is the most feel-good musical I have ever seen. I had an evening filled with laughter and surrounded by talent and catchy melodies.” —Ashleigh Edwards

“What a wonderful evening. Heels of Glory has it all: glamour, heels, suspense, drama, hilarity, double entendre, fantastic songs, gorgeous live band. This is what we have come to expect from Tricity Vogue and Richard Link, and I look forward to future productions!” —Alex Carter

“These Heels are Hot to trot. I shall be trailing in their wake to see where they lead.” —Clare Hastings

“Fun. Different. Charming.”

“Everything you need in one show: villains, heroes, drag queens, clowns and a make-up launch!”

“Loved it! You'll be laughing all the way home and singing the songs the next morning in the shower!” —Sam Simmons

“Perfect for all the drag-hags in your life!” —Tryg Verran

“Fabulous” —Jo Stephenson

“I liked it. Couldn't be better.” —Simon

“Absolutely the funniest show I've seen so far!” —Laura

“There wasn't a single dull moment” —George Hicks

“Beautiful and funny story about being who you want to be. Prepare to laugh and reflect at the same time.” —Dorian Reland

“A show that will awaken the glitter-loving, stiletto-heel-toting drag queen in you!” —EJ

“Heels that sparkle, drag with wit, this farce of a musical is a surefire hit.” —Paul Tame

“Heels of Glory – I want morey!” —Josey Clay



“Camp as Christmas, gag after gag!”

“Killer heels, killer girls” —Jonny

“It's a drag riot.” —Thom Baker

“Heels of glory is glorious.”

“Such an amazing night that makes you feel as you've never felt before!” —Christine Schierano

“Fabulous” —Harriet

“Like a warm embrace from a velvet tunnel.” —Maria Cha Cha Cha

“A show that will not drag you down.” —Roberta Miranda

“Puts the ‘up’ into ‘drag’” —Mark Bunyan

“My hands are sore from clapping so much.” —Alison

“Phenomenal show, can't wait to watch it again, will be singing for hours!” —Emma Cooper

“Excellent cast, fabulous voices, great figures (I hate them ha ha).” —Col You

“Everything is done better in Heels Of Glory!” —Laura Jane

“Nobody can drag down the amount of dedication and heart in this captivating + hugely entertaining performance.” —Tommy Boxfire

“One of the best musicals I've ever seen! It was so funny and at the same time lovely and so positive! Beautiful message and lots of talent!” —Hazel Nut

“Classic British comedy.”

“A great, feel-good show with glitter, glamour and sparkle!!” —Laura

“A fantastic fun-filled quality evening.” —Lowri Morris

“Every character is so unique & funny – I want to get to know them all.” —Sammi Efford

“I couldn't stop smiling!” —Emily Wright

“My favourite foray into frocks & fabulousness”

“It was brilliant! It was sooo funny! Very cheeky humour! Absolutely hysterical!” —Rhianna

“Fantastically funny.” —Kate

“Crude. Rude. And you come out in a better mood!!!”

“Picked me up – January was ‘dragging’.” —Greg

“Heels, Hair and Harmony” —Glow Crawford

“Just see it.”

“Great show. Great cast.” —Alex Young

“I hate musicals – I LOVED this one!” —Steve May

“Very vibrant production, catchy songs, face achingly funny.” —Mathew Freeman

“Fight to see this show!” —Vladimir Sweatyourbeansov

“Left the show in high spirits. A perfect evening!” —Emma Wright

“Camp hilarious Bond in heels. Delicious villainess & her velvet corridor.”

“Fabulous night with too many laughs, a real must see.” —Jenny

“Great music, a fun night out and a totally unique story.”

“It'll knock your tights off. Five stars!” —Akter Shah

“Come and be mesmerized.” —Tee Bee

“Splarkling performance from Splendorella – sizzling villainy from Allura!!” —Paul Redfern

“Wasn’t what I expected, but I loved every moment of it!”

“A crazy, fabulous, fun evening for the older half of the family.” —Kiefer Bryson

“Fun, fun, fun!” —Michael Twaits

Twitter reviews for Heels of Glory at Chelsea Theatre, January 2015

@HeelsofGlory 11 out of 10. Every cast member connected with the audience. Some memorable songs 'don't let them drag you down!' Excellent

Out of @HeelsofGlory one of best fucking shows I've seen! Congrats @tricityvogue I'll definitely be back for more

@HeelsofGlory @tricityvogue . I love this woman. Always makes my spirit dance.

Just seen the hilarious @HeelsofGlory grinning from ear to ear. If you're free tmrw night then it's not to be missed! #glorious

Congrats to cast, crew and creative geniiiii behind @HeelsOfGlory Splendid show tonight.

On my way home still on a high from @HeelsofGlory. So much talent and afterwards chatting with some of the cast. No post show ego. Class.

Huge congrats to @tricityvogue, @CabaretWhore, @TopsieRedfern and all for @HeelsofGlory great show! Great fun! Great night! X

@tricityvogue @HeelsofGlory Lovely show this evening, enjoyed it immensely, also it's great to see you out there doing it. Bisous. MrE xx

Well done to all involved on @HeelsofGlory. It's clear how hard you've all worked!

@CabaretWhore you make a delicious villain in @heelsofglory. Great show tonight, I had a splendid time. Thanks. X

Saw the fabulous @HeelsofGlory tonight @ChelseaTheatre. What a cast! Catch the last night tomorrow, it's worth it.

@HeelsofGlory @tricityvogue @CabaretWhore so lovely to see you again after such a long time, and great to see you're still fabulous. MWAH. X

@HeelsofGlory @tricityvogue Great show! Thanks for a very entertaining evening. Xxx

@HeelsofGlory @tricityvogue Perfect for all your drag-hags. Xxx

@HeelsofGlory Thank you for a night of sheer delight and fun and laughter .A perfect antidote to the January blues. I feel happy once more

Loved @HeelsofGlory last night at the @ChelseaTheatre! Congrats @adamvalentine92 @OmePome you were fantastic!

@HeelsofGlory supremely alluring splendour! with a highly memorable score claw yourself a ticket @TopsieRedfern @CabaretWhore @tricityvogue

Saw @tricityvogue fab drag action musical @HeelsofGlory last night. Huge fun!

@HeelsofGlory I will be there when you do it again! XxxX

Such a great night watching @HeelsofGlory this evening! So proud of fellow LCM students and my extremely talented lecturer

AMAZING night watching @HeelsofGlory what a wonderful show! West End then Broadway I say!

The @HeelsofGlory musical was AWESOME!!! Omg!!!

@tricityvogue @HeelsofGlory 5875337 stars

@HeelsofGlory congratulations all! I so enjoyed the performance. Very funny, cheeky, at times moving, music was great, loved the tango! Xx

@HeelsofGlory was brilliant tonight. So glad I could be a part of it, and hope to continue working with this amazing team! Congrats to all.

Thanks to everyone who came to watch @HeelsOfGlory - send us your reviews (how many stars?) & watch this space for news of our next outing

@tricityvogue @HeelsofGlory 5, darling.

@AlexCarter001 @tricityvogue @HeelsofGlory loved it last night! : )

@stevemaythe1st @tricityvogue @HeelsofGlory it was as fab as the poster implied! :)

@tricityvogue congrats on writing such a good show. I was truly impressed by the quality on so many levels. I hope I'll get to see it again

@tricityvogue I couldn't believe it when you said the script was written so recently. You have a madly talented team that's for sure

@tricityvogue I'll be on the lookout for updates and future performances.I have so many friends that NEED to see this. It'll rock their world

Today I shook @Aktershah11's hand and he proceeded to gesture #SupremeSureFireFoundation. Looks like @HeelsofGlory is already a cult!!

@HeelsofGlory Review at the @ChelseaTheatre http://musicaltheatrereview.com/heels-glory-chelsea-theatre/#.VRE8GGavIlZ

@CabaretWhore ...which just reminded me to say, you were Glorious in 'Heels of Glory'!

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