Heels of Glory Hear

SplendorellaSumptuous velvet curtains open to reveal a stunningly glamorous drag queen. This is Splendorella. Full of regal grace, she welcomes us to La Douche, the world's number one drag club, with her signature song, Heels of Glory.

AlluraIt is an auspicious evening, because tonight at La Douche, Splendorella plays host to the launch of the long-awaited new product from Supreme Make-up, Supreme Sure-fire Foundation. Splendorella is the face of Supreme Make-Up, and at midnight tonight she will be the first drag queen to apply their ground-breaking new product to her face.

Allura Supreme, the owner of Supreme Make-up (pictured right), takes to the stage (flanked by her bodyguards) to explain the underlying ethos of her cosmetics: natural beauty, only more so.

HoneyJayHoney (pictured left) is a young drag queen and Splendorella's biggest fan. She and her tomboy best friend, Jay (pictured right), have sneaked in for the big event. Honey's dreams come true when she finds herself on stage, trading insults with her heroine Splendorella. But after taking her bow, Honey is carried away by the bouncers. Jay goes looking for her and discovers more than she bargained for. Allura Supreme has a secret evil plan to annihilate every drag queen in the world. She reveals her true colours as a drag queen hater, crippled by acute drag envy.

Meanwhile Splendorella finds Honey imprisoned deep inside the club. She warns her protegé to flee La Douche, confides in her the trials of the drag queen life, but encourages her to stay strong.

Splendorella leads Honey through Allura's lair to find Jay, only to be seized by an unseen enemy. Honey finds Jay and rescues her from a hideous death. Honey and Jay escape Allura's lair, figure out Allura's evil plan, and vow to save the drag world.

But first, a costume change: it's time for drag Ninja.

Honey and Jay descend the shaft into Allura's secret lair, where danger awaits them.

They rescue Splendorella, and warn her of Allura's evil plot.The star learns that the woman she thought was her mentor is really her enemy. She must make a hard choice to save the rest of Drag Queen Kind. Splendorella sings a final song of defiance.

Will our heroes save the drag world? Will Allura get her come-uppance? Will La Douche explode in a fountain of glitter? And will this dance remix of the show's final anthem become an Ibiza floor-filling hit?

Note: This synopsis includes about half the songs in the show — all of which are all available on the Teaser Album.

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