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We had a great time in the studio with the cast and band from the January 2015 production, and made a teaser album featuring some of the most popular tunes from the show. It sounds great!

You can get the album online from Bandcamp or iTunes. If you order by clicking the "buy now" button on the right, we'll post a CD to you and will include a set of the three Heels badges.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased a album so far, and to the great audience who cheered our live performance at London Pride.

Track list:

  1. Heels of Glory
  2. How to Be Lovely
  3. Silent But Deadly (the Ninja song)
  4. I Hate a Man in Drag
  5. Going Down
  6. You Can’t Change What I Am
  7. Don’t Let Them Drag You Down
  8. Don’t Let Them Drag You Down (dance remix)


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